Just got all Deus ex games about to grab a pack of 12 get drunk and do the first version while the 2016 version downloads 32 gb

How can they call anyone else but themselves the party of hate?

The Gov is creating trannies and teaching children about transgender because they could easily make everyone and the newer generations accept transhumance people with brain chips and chips under their skins and anyone talking against it you will be labeled a biogot there’s a massive agenda within the corporate world to destroy and control us humans by any means necessary

US gov using SJW as foot armies for corporate America to destroy anything open source or free to use even the federation itself is being heavily targeted by these people who have no clue wtf they are fight .


Everyone all the main people who coded and ran the most secure privacy open software has resigned even the fucking creator of gentoo why are you guys attacking them? The fuck is wrong with you people?

Wtf is going on? These lefties faggots are destroying the open source community for CIA and Chinese run physiological warfare wake up you morons why the fuck should we use macs and windows ? Why are you attacking open software did the dick up your ass made you do it ?

Chopped onions and garlic ;_; haven’t seen my own tears ina while now

Antifa is a collaboration of powers from both China Israel and Muslim brotherhood antifa received money and media support as well as human intelligence and data of people and it’s all recorded and reported to the authorities

>be me

>open email db of online shills and social engineers

>read this:

I’m gonna setup a pixefed server after I upgrade to 20 cores inside my data center I need at least 20 usable IPs for all the shit that I’m already running someone offer to give me an entire subnet of a fuck ton load of IPs but if I get all of that Imma break inside the red walls to spam bees everywhere inside China

We all know how Hong Kong could turn out if the ccp pushes them

QEMU had the solutions to all of my VM problems but I didn’t listen I didn’t answer I didn’t read now I must pay the price

All those bays is making me horny 8 bays 20cores hhhhhhnnnnggggg

4chan is absolute garbage at this point what a shit hole of website it’s a literal bot and spam useless information

Might invest into a 20 core 512GB U1 server with a split of 8TB on raid 10 4x8tb expensive toy but worth it then I can just expand by buying a fuck load of subnets

Who the fuck joins freenode irc chats channel for sex? Is mr robot trying to tell us that freenode is ran by horny FBI agents ?

Facebook WhatsApp and twitter is cancer to the soul and the internet as a whole they take too much space we need to federation of networks to fight off these control freaks

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