Who would win ? The big fat Marx or the Nazi fat cunt? Imagine the fight would end with them on the ground rolling trying to get up

After getting kicked out of my own hacker space by dikes I finally found another one that will allow me to do shit space is small but free is free

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@matrix We might need to lay off the China jokes because it looks like we're in for a worse outbreak in the US because we're retarded.

The deadliest weapons are always the ones people make it at home for self defense against tyrants

I got my hacker space back but I’m not allowed to cook inside my hacker space lulz 😂 I’m waiting for the next crazy shit to happen to get kicked out eventually

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theres a huge diffence between clean energy and dirty energy My gaming laptop loves running off c lean energy and i get really smooth results!

I have decided to turn my hacker space into a VR room with multi media and 3D printer plus i need more tools for some projects :)

By being a member of beehubs hacker space you get to nap inside the shop after too much hentai

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