When you fucked a bunch of whores while poor leftists worshiped Hillary who has billions of dollars from campaign profits

Here’s how you get a free ride on one of these bad boys take money from international banking elites who sold out to China for cheap products and exports and imports

Claim you’re fighting racism by taking Money from a Nazi sympathizer George Soros

Get arrested then get picked up by one of these guys and get 20 years plus 10 in state and federal prison

I had a vision that the entire EU economy crashed hundreds of Europeans were trying to infiltrate America to claim a city as well as land causing mayhem in American cities I saw hundreds of these spies trying to subvert and control communities

The Rothschild international funded antifa whose taking orders from Chinese operatives whose also using gang members are trying to shutdown the police force to start doing mass murder and roadside arrests of people and organized murder of key people within every city in America.

This is your daughter after the media told her mom that men are evil and black people are victim by default


Imagine you’re an intelligent species who drifted in space for billions of years searching for life in space then suddenly you see The Voyager and you successfully decode the Golden Record you arrive on Earth and get shot by the US and called a space N —

The Main objective of beehub is to expand your logical thinking beyond anything imaginable even if your wrong you still have room to fix your mistakes and shit post the loudest as possible

The federation has hundreds of micro censorship ways of blocking other federations outside the collective group thinking hive mind that only allows people to follow content within their own Mk-ultra thinking patterns

This is bullshit while I was using toot I felt really lonely on my own federation now on mash and web interface I’m figuring out that there’s a bunch of filtered content by organized corporations and intelligent agencies who are trying to sabotage mastodon and free thinkers

Some intelligence agency tried to dominate mastodon and convinced devs of apps and all that were all Nazis when were just free thinkers outside the collective hive mind of group thinking were like bees buzzing around anywhere we like.

How do I find an edgy tranny or homo Fag whose not offended by words? Can we coexist not taking shit personal? If you can take a dick sweetie you can take a joke!

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