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Nice ratio UN. Hope no one reads about the UN child sex scandals and how the UN did nothing to stop the Rwandan genocide.
Fact is the UN has always been garbage.

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People think that using terms like 'white fragility', 'de-colonise', 'micro-aggression' and 'heteronormative' make them sound enlightened and educated..

In reality, they're clear indicators that you've been indoctrinated by the same 'system' you complain about. 🐏

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Remember when -after Charlie Hebdo- we said we would do all that we could to defend freedom of speech, no matter how offensive?

That was just five years go

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I've read that the Polish President said that the way Polish people are, there is no way to try Covid passports in Poland. This is the greatest compliment of Poles I've ever heard.

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After the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is over we will be exposing all government and corporate corruption. Be ready.

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How did people on a cruise ship 🚢 of fully vaccinated people get Covid? Can anyone tell me how this happened?

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@CanadaFirstNews Why do yo think they fear mongered the variant.

Geez people wake up.

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@_SaveOurStatues @canadianaco We all have heard the phrase "those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it". Cancel culture are really anarchists. Get rid of culture and history so it can happen again.

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@_SaveOurStatues We should be seeing more articles like this in America. You are doing an excellent job of organizing your supporters. You should be extremely proud! Keep it up because your opponents will not stop.

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@_SaveOurStatues @Darren47256328 It'd be good if some of these
Woke idiots were Erased.

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@_SaveOurStatues Since when did they care about public appetite

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@spex69 @ShelterFrom @_SaveOurStatues You know the definition now is lefty loon, right?

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@_SaveOurStatues it is basically : power abuse.
and that power is not backed.
it is stolen.
lets put woke to sleep.

@_SaveOurStatues The problem is we allow the very vocal minority dictate too much, especially when they play the woke card the silent majority should speak out more.

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As Sheffield showed this week, whenever the people are given a voice, they give a resounding 'No' to rejecting their history.

"Cancel culture is imposed wherever activists have the chance; but the public simply does not want it." ✍ David Abulafia

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@_SaveOurStatues @DCBMEP Communism Playbook 1.01: destory the country's history

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@_SaveOurStatues Britain abolished slavery in 1833. The SNP and Labour cannot be trusted to preserve our history. They are vandals of the worst kind.

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@_SaveOurStatues Look up @vonderleyen ‘s ancestors !!!!

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@_SaveOurStatues This is nothing but politicised propaganda. I encourage everyone to take the time to object to this. The problem with things like this it’s only those who have a problem fill them out! What a waste of money and resource from @Edinburgh_CC

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@_SaveOurStatues @bogdanade52 The CEC is run by an SNP and Labour coalition; how can you trust them, when they hold a secret kangaroo court to write the Melville Monument plaque; without ANY historian input. Shame on Edinburgh World Heritage and University / Sir Geoff Palmer.

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@_SaveOurStatues All statues street names and the likes should have a temporary protection order for 10 years.

RT @rayner_susannah
@_SaveOurStatues Absolutely! And don’t get me started on their smearing of David Livingstone, who sacrificed his life mapping Africa as part of his quest to stamp out slavery and replace it with ‘legitimate’ trade instead. Not good enough, apparently!

RT @_SaveOurStatues
@rayner_susannah The only thing more absurd than going after a man who didn't take up a job on a plantation, is going after the grave of poor Agnes Maclehose for being the *friend* of a man who didn't take up a job on a plantation.

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