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Nice ratio UN. Hope no one reads about the UN child sex scandals and how the UN did nothing to stop the Rwandan genocide.
Fact is the UN has always been garbage.

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People think that using terms like 'white fragility', 'de-colonise', 'micro-aggression' and 'heteronormative' make them sound enlightened and educated..

In reality, they're clear indicators that you've been indoctrinated by the same 'system' you complain about. 🐏

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Remember when -after Charlie Hebdo- we said we would do all that we could to defend freedom of speech, no matter how offensive?

That was just five years go

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Dallas Love Field robots are watching passengers, checking for masks and loitering cars - YouTube

Oh FFS the robot is gay.

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@Rothbirdian Also wokist libertarians: Youth have rights, and should be legally permitted to have abortions and hormone therapy without their parents' permission!

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@sneaky_goy "trad birdie" means something is very very wrong lol

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Tulsi Gabbard is the antonym of the neolib and neocon establishment. Truth over propaganda. Peace over war. Truth over lies. Love over hate. 🌺

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@Rothbirdian Lot of things used to be normal.

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I hated the RNC and DNC, because they sexually abuse, and groom minors and children.

I hated how they would use the promiscuous nature of a woman to their advantage when she supported them, and turn it into the Scarlet letter when she spoke against them.

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@BreakJoshua I'm waiting for this testimony. For now, I'm at it doesn't look good for Tom but it doesn't change my opinion on the Loser Brigade being a bunch of zero accomplishment retards.

RT @AssadaCarnae
@BreakJoshua Before I just thought Sarwark was an idiot, but holy shit that I fucked.

You do not bring peoples kids into shit as a joke.

Like, Hunter is one thing cause he's an adult and part of the problem, as is Ivanka, but little kids who have done literally nothing? Fuck that.

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@HemingwayNiles Yes. He is making a joke out of the grooming or rape of my children. That's literally what he did.

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@BreakJoshua Did, did Nick just imply Tom rapped one of your children? Like for real?

RT @BreakJoshua
Yo, I don't have an opinion on the Tom thing right now, but this is a good way and the right people to be reporting in it to make me give no more thought to it.

Vile pieces of shit.

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Stop making Rolf Harris trend unless someone tied his kangaroo down permanently, thank you.

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