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Nice ratio UN. Hope no one reads about the UN child sex scandals and how the UN did nothing to stop the Rwandan genocide.
Fact is the UN has always been garbage.

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People think that using terms like 'white fragility', 'de-colonise', 'micro-aggression' and 'heteronormative' make them sound enlightened and educated..

In reality, they're clear indicators that you've been indoctrinated by the same 'system' you complain about. 🐏

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Remember when -after Charlie Hebdo- we said we would do all that we could to defend freedom of speech, no matter how offensive?

That was just five years go

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@MagnusZerum @BoundingComics He work at his own pace not dealing with editors or writers , lives with his beautiful wife and his oh almost forgot...he´s a millionaire!
He lived outside that shithole untill he got tired of weirdos throwing shit to his door

RT @MagnusZerum
@BoundingComics JSC is coming across as someone who is just ignorant of the happenings of his own industry.

RT @GeekyPixie9
@BoundingComics Not a good move to insult those that defended you in my opinion JSC. He also insulted Mandy Summers 🤬

RT @Snakeey56755808
Well I have to give Scott credit for that. I saw that one myself. I'm hoping now all those who got upset with him will accept his apology.

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You just can’t satisfy these people man, they won’t even support your product 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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They'd have me back if their "changes" consisted of every character flipping off the woketards during the end credits.

RT @The_Karasu87
Looks like the people complaining are white though. Complaining about an animated show, where actors are voicing characters that are technically not human, since human would be an Earth term. Changing the show now would likely further divide what remains of the base.

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@tieflingkisser @BoundingComics Is your bio satire?

RT @Lit_3D2
@0010101X @BoundingComics Cuz they are literally NPCs no thought Process

RT @0010101X
@BoundingComics They're literally demanding the actor be fired for his race.

How does anyone not see that these woke idiots are the racists?

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@BoundingComics Every single one of their twitter bios were the same that posted

RT @animelord951
@BoundingComics How are they racist? And I hope this is just a rumor

RT @Alejandfigue
@BoundingComics They re not "Maori" they are clone played by a "maori" actor.
Theres not such thing as "races" in SW
So stop criyng little fascists

RT @BrysonGodwin
@BoundingComics A white man doing a Australian accent for fictional characters that is based on a new Zealand man is racist.....WHAT?!

RT @KnightWing19
There is nothing wrong with things being a 'boys club'.
I'm so sick of this feminist crap. Women can have things that are 'women only' but the moment men being dominate anything slightly it's a 'boys club'.
Not everything has to include women.

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I've seen gender bender doujinshi with better writing than Doctor Who season 13

RT @TheBigAmerican7
@BoundingComics Why is that such an issue? So f*cking what if it is..

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