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Nice ratio UN. Hope no one reads about the UN child sex scandals and how the UN did nothing to stop the Rwandan genocide.
Fact is the UN has always been garbage.

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People think that using terms like 'white fragility', 'de-colonise', 'micro-aggression' and 'heteronormative' make them sound enlightened and educated..

In reality, they're clear indicators that you've been indoctrinated by the same 'system' you complain about. 🐏

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Remember when -after Charlie Hebdo- we said we would do all that we could to defend freedom of speech, no matter how offensive?

That was just five years go

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@GORETAPE_RANBOO @AlkeHelge They continue to be the exception, and not the rule.

RT @AlkeHelge
@GORETAPE_RANBOO It doesn't fucking matter what you prefer, you are what you are, and people shall use pronouns based on that!

RT @AlkeHelge
@GORETAPE_RANBOO Those are such a few people that the are intersex. Although, it's all about anatomy and not about "I feel like this or I feel like that". Two totally different things.

RT @RipVWin
@catgirlcomrade @PrisonPlanet Imagine caring about that pronouns bullshit

RT @ObliviousReaper
@catgirlcomrade @PrisonPlanet I don't give a damn about someone's preferred pronouns.

Why should they be able to dictate how other people speak?

RT @brutemandavid
@catgirlcomrade @PrisonPlanet I have no respect for this persons heinous actions, so I well not extend any respect towards their wishes

RT @ChugMySox
@PrisonPlanet When using pronouns are more important than the act. 🤡

RT @michellemalkin
This platform is such a freaking joke.

RT @TrixR4Jesus
@stillgray How do they expect us to back the blue when they do this? Nobody is supporting this.

RT @PlightOfDragul
@Corona_Corona11 @SuzanneEvans1 @Telegraph Promoting Genocide of life is not the way to go.

RT @KaZ1337
@Corona_Corona11 @SuzanneEvans1 @Telegraph seeing as its the old that's paid for the NHS, they should surely get priority over the young

RT @SuzanneEvans1
While we were clapping and cheering and ‘Protecting the NHS’ the NHS was drawing up plans to deny the over 70s hospital care and put them on ‘end of life pathways’ instead. There aren’t words. @Telegraph

RT @PrisonPlanet
If this had happened to LGBT protesters in Russia, it would be an international news story.

Anti-lockdown protesters have been so thoroughly demonized by the media, such behavior is barely even covered.

RT @R6cam81
@DMT_provider @PrisonPlanet Article calls him a "she" like fucking hell

RT @AnarchistBarb1e
@PrisonPlanet Men’s feelings > women’s lives. It’s a sickness.

RT @got_integrity
@PrisonPlanet I truly didn't want to laugh at this as it relates to a horrific crime. Yet, this proves that the left are the greatest clowns this world has ever seen.

RT @AreChud
@PrisonPlanet “Excuse me, but my religious beliefs and the enforcement of them are more important than actual harm”

RT @dyuerscoloures
@HunterAA6 the implication that recognizing someone's sex is the same as using a racial slur is very offensive. and CWC literally transitioned because they thought it would help them get a gf. They are NOT someone the trans community should want to claim.

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