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RT Accidentally on purpose, likely to let the rest of them know that they're ready to defend themselves?

RT Which they stole from us in the 60s. Also another reason Kennedy was killed

Netanyahu appears to admit for the first time Israel has atomic weapons... before correcting mistake via

Mother celebrates as trans child receives implant, insists she's giving him the life he deserves via

RT I doubt the left will see this as 'Christianphobia'

Overused depression treatments:

- Junk food
- Dessert
- Alcohol
- Drugs
- Meds
- Complaining
- Shopping
- Porn
- Instagram

Underused, forgotten treatments:

- Exercise
- Meditation
- Fasting
- Sun
- Steak
- Cold showers

The second category is rarely used and actually works.

RT I looked at your wall. A large percentage of your tweets are about hate and racism. Just because people are capable of hate, you don't need to commodify it.

RT Ironic. You write science yet you seem uncurious and intolerant. Contradiction

Sad: This Girl Tried To Become A Proverbs 31 Woman, But Now She Doesn't Know What To Do With All This Flax

Report: Internet Users Who Call For Attacking Other Countries Will Now Be Enlisted In The Military Automatically

RT AAAAAAAAAAA 💕💕💕 this is awesome

It's 👟👩

we are only 4 days into 2020

RT I'm no fan of Iran, but please don't bomb those sites. Persian cultural sites are very important to world history and it'd be tantamount to what IS did to historical artifacts.

Trump plans to attack 52 Iranian sites “important to Iran and the Iranian culture”. Please appreciate how devastating this would be - Iran is one of the oldest civilisations in the world with the most beautiful historic sites. This would also be an attack on world history.

Wait, why is being called "white" dehumanizing?

I thought we had to go to war with Iran because they were in on 911? Oh no it was because they were 3 years away from a nuke in 2006. No, it was an unmanned drone they shot down? Goal posts keep shifting but the push for war with Iran has been consistent for my entire life.

Reminder that Benny Johnson and Charlie Kirk both condemned the Covington Catholic Kids before it was "safe" to support them.

Yes, Hollywood pedophiles are real, and we finally have proof...

This is a preview of my World Exclusive interview with Tammy Garcia, mother of boy bander Ricky Garcia.

Full interview premiering soon...

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