had to come up with an album art for a mostly-80s playlist for short car rides
i came up with this. im very proud of it.

still trying to learn photoshop, its easy enough but slightly more convoluted than fireworks.
anyways youtube asked me to rate content they didn't make, and it was a video i watched like 2 seconds of because the kraut and tea saga is very boring to follow.
so i decided to give the algorithm some feedback just to humor it, and i think if i rate it 1 star it means i thought it was antisemetic. no, i just thought it was very boring. but that means i have to give it 2 stars.

>site claims to decentralize so you cant be banned for freeze peach
>still get moderated by people who arent even networking with you
...this is basically twitter with extra steps.

so @major now that the pi 4 is better than my laptop do i buy a new laptop or do i buy a pi 4

I got bored and put my YouTube logo as my wallpaper
...I purged my YouTube channel like a month ago lol
I probably need to start browsing /w/ again

@major why is half of federated feed in like Chinese and french

The potential context surrounding this image is what makes it so funny :3

@major fix federated feed these people scare me

Looking at federated feed was a mistake
You're all crazy
Except rim. He's cool.

Federated feed:
>2 bots reposting the same article
>Something in asianese
>Someone's personal blog
>Good content
>Political bullshit from the same bot that reposts the same shit the other bots do

Can anyone read this or do I type to the void

Folks I think I am learning how to network on federated
Reply to spam
Get replies
...have no frens ;-;

Federated timeline is like a constant spew of bullshit straight to your device!
...it's basically irc.

@major help I've started replying to strangers on the internet idk what to do I think they're all bots

Am I supposed to reply to people or am I not supposed to know u or talk to u ;-;

Why the fuck is federated timeline everyone's personal blog

When you stopped saving memes in 2015 but you still have a reaction folder titled "related" that's progressively growing and you're worried it'll break a gig in the next few months

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