The whole purpose of being human is to study, impress one another and then rub our genitals together to make baby.

Why does life have to be this blackpilled?

Twitter has been completely censored is anyone else in the world alive?

Chinese Military foot armies trying to slide our users.

Beehub has been infected by Bots Chinese Bots trying to have other federations censorship our timelines were trying to fix the issue they used hundreds of different subnet ips all diversified to keep us busy deleting every single account manually.

Hey Everyone Im Queen! If you're sick this winter try my garlic tea!
first boil water chop 4 garlic's pieces, squeeze lime juice in it, add some raw unfiltered honey! in 24 hours your sickness will go gone!
Its yucky at first Don't forget to remove all pieces of garlic and just pour the liquids into a nice cup! try it out thank me later!

Beehub Safe Happy Fun Enviroment

BeeHub Stands For Freedom as a bee you're free to fly anywhere you like as long as you bring honey back! To Get approved to become a member of beehub write why you want to be a user on here i will manually review your application and approve it.